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Rethinking the future of healthcare real estate with Aedifica

Aedifica, a prominent player in healthcare real estate, partnered with Scopernia to address the complex challenges arising from societal disruptions affecting both the healthcare and real estate sectors. Anticipating potential future challenges in a dynamic market, Aedifica sought to proactively develop a strategy to ensure continued success and resilience in the face of industry-wide shifts.

Scopernia's executive strategy journey empowered Aedifica to view these challenges through societal, industrial, and company lenses, leading to a clear vision for the future and a robust strategy for transformation.

“Our collaboration with Scopernia has provided us with unique insights, preparing us to meet future challenges with a clear understanding. This strategic foresight is crucial as we continue to develop our future-proof real estate portfolio and maintain our commitment to the sector." Stefaan Gielens, CEO at Aedifica

About Aedifica

Aedifica, based in Belgium, is a leading name in European healthcare real estate investment. The company, operating as a Belgian Regulated Real Estate Company (REIT: real estate investment trust), carved a niche in the acquisition, development, and management of healthcare real estate, with a focus on properties tailored for senior housing.

Aedifica's operations span across Europe, reflecting a deep commitment to addressing the needs of the aging population through its specialized real estate portfolio.

Their expertise extends beyond mere property management, blending real estate knowledge with a keen understanding of the unique requirements of elderly care. This approach positions Aedifica as a pivotal player in the healthcare sector. Their diverse portfolio, which encompasses care homes, senior apartments, children's day-care centres, and other healthcare-related real estate, showcases their versatility and dedication to enhancing the living and care standards across various European countries.

Aging, the ticking time bomb in the sector

The care and real estate sectors are at a pivotal juncture, driven by demographic, economic, and environmental factors. The aging population trend poses a significant impact on the care sector, increasing the demand for specialized elderly care facilities. This demographic shift, while presenting growth opportunities, brings to light the critical issue of maintaining affordability in the face of rising operational costs.

In the real estate aspect, sustainability has become a paramount concern. The push towards environmentally responsible building practices, while socially beneficial, often leads to increased investment costs. Balancing these environmental goals with the economic realities of the care sector presents a unique challenge, especially under the scrutiny of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria.

Additionally, the industry grapples with the realities of a changing political landscape and regulatory frameworks, alongside a noticeable scarcity of skilled labor in healthcare. These factors collectively contribute to a complex operational environment, necessitating innovative and adaptable business strategies.

Recognizing these evolving dynamics, Aedifica proactively embarked on a journey to strategically position itself for future success. Their initiative reflects a deep understanding of the sector's nuances and a commitment to adaptability and foresight in their business approach.

Our executive strategy journey

To effectively address the evolving challenges in the healthcare real estate market, Aedifica embarked on our Executive Strategy Journey in close collaboration with their top-tier leadership, including the Group Executives and Country Directors. This inclusive approach was critical in ensuring that the strategy developed was comprehensive and had the backing of all key decision-makers.

The journey encompassed several key steps:

  • In-Depth Interviews and Market Research: We conducted extensive interviews with key personnel within Aedifica, coupled with thorough market research. This step was crucial for gaining an internal perspective and aligning it with the broader market context.

  • Offsite Workshops for External Insights: A focused 2-day workshop provided a platform to delve into significant external and sectoral trends. This collaborative session was instrumental in identifying and understanding the forces shaping the industry.

  • Scenario Analysis for Future Planning: Engaging in scenario analysis, we explored various potential future market conditions. This exercise was pivotal in preparing Aedifica for a range of future scenarios, ensuring flexibility and foresight in their strategic planning.

  • Strategic Workshops for Decision Making: We facilitated workshops aimed at refining Aedifica's future identity and strategic goals. These sessions will be key in making critical decisions about the company's direction and long-term ambitions.

This comprehensive and collaborative approach, involving Aedifica's top leadership, was designed not just to navigate the current industry challenges but also to strategically position the company to anticipate and adapt to future changes. By engaging all decision-makers, we ensured that the strategy developed was robust, forward-looking, and universally supported, reinforcing Aedifica's competitive edge in the dynamic healthcare real estate market.

Results and next steps

The collaboration between Aedifica and our team culminated in a well-defined vision for the future of healthcare real estate, alongside strategic ambitions that are closely aligned with Aedifica's unique market position and objectives. This outcome serves not just as a blueprint for addressing current challenges but also as a strategic compass guiding Aedifica towards long-term success and resilience in a dynamic industry.

Building on this foundation, the next phase will focus on developing a detailed and actionable 9 x 90 days roadmap. This roadmap is designed to strategically initiate Aedifica's transformation journey, marking the start of a new chapter in their pursuit of innovation and sector leadership. We eagerly anticipate continuing our collaboration with Aedifica, supporting them as they turn these strategic visions into tangible actions and sustained progress in the healthcare real estate landscape.

"The collaboration between Aedifica and our team culminated in a well-defined vision for the future of healthcare real estate, alongside strategic ambitions that are closely aligned with Aedifica's unique market position and objectives."

Would you also like to talk about how we can help you in forming a future vision for your organisation?

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