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When the sh*t hits the HR-fan, the fall-out will be huge (pun intended) 💨💩

We expect that "work" as we know it will completely change in the coming years. A perfect storm has been forming for some time now in terms of work and what it means for people, the economy, and society.

From the future vision development we have done recently for players in HR as well as in education, we see how everything is coming together:

👉 Unprecedented employment rate and shortages in more and more profiles, and at the same time a growing mismatch with the unemployed part of the population;

👉 Evolution towards more flexibility in terms of work (where we work, where we source profiles, shifts in statutes and contracts, ...)

👉 Demographic pressure on several levels: aging population, an inability to efficiently integrate migrants into the labor market, and a disconnect with a part of our youth

👉 Complexity around labor migration (both regulatory and in perception within the current political climate)

👉 A growing mismatch between what people still want/can contribute to a company and what companies expect to receive

👉 Education that is completely lagging in anticipating and facilitating the necessary knowledge and skills to keep up

👉 And then, of course, that new little thing, which may tilt everything even more: AI.

If we don't start managing this properly, a disaster threatens. That's why I wonder why HR is so seldom at the table in the development of future visions and strategic transformation plans...

Recently, Jo has been invited to several interviews to discuss the ongoing disruption in our society and related topics. Below are links to these insightful discussions.

At Scopernia, we've been guiding numerous companies through this complex reality. As we often emphasize, recognizing and understanding the future is the first step, because a clear vision underpins the rationale for change. Linked with this blog, you'll find in-depth explorations of some of our client success stories!

Contact us for more information on what we can mean for you!

👉 Link to an interview about this in HRmagazine:

👉 Link to the #ZigZagHR podcast about the major themes of Jo's new book (and that of Florence Pérès about change):

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